Wir entfernen Dellen an Ihrem PKW kinderleicht!

Durch Schieben des Reglers entfernen Sie die Dellen.


How can dents occur?

More often dents can be caused by hail storms in a smaller and larger degree of damage. In that case the car body will be strongly affected. Aswell dents caused by parking accidents and door hits are typical cases for a professional repair of dents. A filling, sanding or painting over is not only expensive, but usually also changes the original condition of the car body.

Quick help without loss of value

Always again we get notice of buckling techniques, which neglect exactly these aspects and allow a processing free of damage to the paint. By gently “press” the dents (with proper tools), Cirkin GmbH is able to make dents invisible. This has the advantage that the original state is restored without loss of value of the vehicle.

Sophisticated technology through experience

The continuous training of our staff achieves since almost 30 years satisfied customers and inevitably leads to a continuous development of techniques and approaches. We are delighted to be able to share our experience, eg in the special field of dent removal, with you. A quick and inexpensive removal of dents is our goal. The high quality standards by the company Cirkin GmbH shall also be noted at this point. The result is impeccable vehicles and not rarely amazed customers. Let us know about the damage. After inspection from our professional staff, we will give you the best advice. We look forward hearing from you!