ISO certification (International Organization for Standardization)

The global automotive industry demands the highest standards of product quality, productivity, competitiveness and continuous improvement. To fulfill these requirements, many car manufacturers require that suppliers adhere to strict technical specifications. These are laid down as a quality management standard for the treatment of new and used vehicles, paint and body work, smart repair and logistics services under the name ISO 9001:2008. ISO 9001:2008 was developed by the IAF (International Automotive Force) in order to achieve improvements in both the supply chain and the certification process.

For most of the leading automobile companies, the certification to this standard is a requirement for a business relationship. This specification unifies and replaces existing country-specific standards for quality systems in the automotive industry from the USA, Germany, France and Italy. It specifies the requirements for quality systems in terms of development, production, installation and servicing of all automotive products. As the first automobile company in Germany, Cirkin GmbH received the ISO-certification by IAF-standard. Quality, safety and continuous improvement of work processes and technology are important for the development of our company. The continuous testing of our equipment, and the training of our employees is part of the ideology that is behind the company Cirkin GmbH. Awards such as the ISO-certification by IAF-standard, should give you as customer security and trust in our company.