Smart Repair

Smart Repair

Durch Schieben des Reglers wird Ihr Fahrzeug repariert.


What is Smart Repair?

By the use of any vehicle, minor damages will arise inevitably, which can be removed quickly and inexpensively by Smart Repair. This includes scratches in the paint, burn holes in the interior, small dents, scrapes, parking accidents, dents, cracks or holes in the dashboard plastic parts.

Why Smart Repair?

In contrast to an extensive restoration of your vehicle, with Smart Repair it is possible to work effectively and targeted on damages. Therefore it is important, that our personnel inspects your vehicle prior to any other step. Depending on complexity of the damage, the responsible employee will explain you all steps of the process. Furthermore, the expense of Smart Repair work is much lower. Therefore, we can offer a far lower price than for a complete restoration. The result will satisfy you. In most cases, the above damages are no longer visible after our Smart Repair.

Smart repair or complete restoration?

If the use of our Smart Repair specialist is required will be clarified priorly. Let us check your vehicle, to determine clearly what can be rescued by Smart Repair and what kind of damages will need a complete restoration.